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Each child will progress through The Proficiency Core Gymnastics Award Scheme by British Gymnastics - This scheme assists in the progressive development of core skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination and incorporates compulsory pulse raising activities - The scheme encompasses skills on the floor, beam, vault and includes partner work and rhythmic gymnastics.. There are 10 types of activity and 8 levels of attainment.


Children then progress onto The Advanced Proficiency Gymnastics Award Scheme. This scheme is challenging and can take a significant period of time to achieve.


Award testing takes place once every term. Some children will progress more quickly than others, this will depend on the ability of the child. When a child completes an award they are given an award passing slip which will then invite you to purchase their award badge and certificate - The Core Awards (8 to 2) & The Advanced Proficiency Awards are priced at £4.00 while the Core Gymnastics Award 1 is priced at £7.50, as this includes a metal medal.


Each child will receive their very own sticker album - The children are rewarded with stickers if they work hard and achieve new skills in their sessions. Once they complete their sticker book they are presented with a prize to recognise all their hard work in their gymnastics sessions.

"What will my child learn from attending DLJ gymnastics sessions?"

Taking part in gymnastics.....


provides many physical, cognitive & psychological benefits


promotes development of motor control skills, basic movement pattern, posture, poise, balance, co-ordination & flexibility.


Most importantly it builds confidence and self discipline.


Beginners can expect to learn....


basic shapes, rolls, holding their body weight on their hands in preperation for cartwheels, handstands and bridge work


As the strength and flexibility of each gymnast improves they will progress to more advanced skills i.e cartwheels, forward rolls, handstands and different dismounts.


All children can expect to use the vaulting tables, beams/benches, trampettes and our inflatable tumble track along with other equipment such as trampolines and soft play/foam slopes and shapes depending on venue.

Core Proficiency Chart Advanced Proficiency Chart

"How is progression measured?"


what are the costs of sessions?


is my child insured when taking part?


can parents watch the sessions?


what does my child need to wear?


when are fees due for payment?

Please refer to our enquiry form for current prices - invoices are given out at end of each term with session/payment due dates and payments are made in advance for each new term.

after school sessions within a school - children are insured under kcc. community sessions - british gymnastics insurance must be purchased at a cost of £20 and must be paid for after your child's trial session along with fees should they choose to continue - renewed each september annually.

we do not allow parents to watch sessions as we find it distracts the children. we hold OPEN displays every other term for parents to watch their child.

leotard or shorts and t-shirt are fine for children to wear to our sessions. small earrings should be covered up with micro tape. children should bring a drink. we offer a full range of merchandise on our website.

payment is always due in advance at the last session of each term - we give out invoices 2 weeks into the previous term stating dates/due dates.